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1964 - 2004 Marauders
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- Marauder For Sale -

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1964 Mercury Marauders
  • From: Mike Proffitt
  • Posted: 23 October 2017 (Expires: 22 December 2017)
  • Two(2) 1964 Marauder 2 door hardtop fastbacks for sale.Both cars are 4 speed manual toploader transmission,390-4v,cast iron shorty headers,factory black in color,bench seat,and no power options.Both cars have had recent paint jobs.The Park Lane is $9,500 and the Monterey is $8,500.Buy them both together for $17,000.

- Marauder Wanted -

Want to buy a 1969/70 Marauder
  • From: Jake Tursick
  • Posted: 1 October 2017 (Expires: 30 November 2017)
  • Hello. I am looking to buy a Mercury Marauder as a gift for my father. He had a 1969 Mercury Marquis that he drove for a time when he was younger. I am not picky about what kind of car so long as it has a 429 V8 and does NOT have a vinyl roof. It can be any color so long as rust is not an issue. Minor surface rust is fine. If you have one or know someone who has one and it just sits, I would love to give it a home, fix it up, and present it to my dad for him to enjoy.

- Parts For Sale -

56 merc 2 x 4 bbl intake and carb &valve covers
  • From: Dale Sale
  • Posted: 2 October 2017 (Expires: 1 December 2017)
  • I have 1956 mercury 2 4 bbl intake manifold in real nice condition along with 1 of the carbs that has been refurbished and in excellent condition & 335 valve covers with rocker arms and a 4 speed bell housing for sale. contact me at or phone at 205-365-7223. Located in Birmingham Alabama

- Parts Wanted -

floor shift handle
  • From: Steve Jonas
  • Posted: 8 October 2017 (Expires: 7 December 2017)
  • need handle for floor shift on console (with bucket seats0 1970 X100