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1964 - 2004 Marauders
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- Marauder For Sale -

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1964 Mercury Marauder
  • From: Mike Proffitt
  • Posted: 22 April 2017 (Expires: 21 June 2017)
  • 1964 Park Lane Marauder,390-4v,4speed manual transmission,2 door fastback,black with tan bench seat interior,recent paint,headliner,carpet and mechanicals,lots of money spent on car,needs finishing,$12,000

1964 Marauder 4 door Fastback for sale
  • From: Uncle Keith
  • Posted: 25 April 2017 (Expires: 24 June 2017)
  • i love Maude my Marauder but monthly safe indoor storage of $162 is killing me, and that's cheap for CA! she's 390 Z code runs pretty well. needs front end work as her knees are weak like my 73 year old knees. PS, PB, Mercomatic, no air. interior fair. speedo, gas gague work. temp and alt not so worky. some bubbles over right rear wheel well and a bit under rear glass frame. all glass intact. as far as i know always a CA car. she's living in hayward, CA 20 miles south of oakland. won't take less than $3000. let me know if interested. keith

- Parts Wanted -

64 Mercury Marauder
  • From: Cornelius Dekoning
  • Posted: 29 April 2017 (Expires: 28 June 2017)
  • Looking for NOS front grille and rear taillight panel for 64 Mercury Marauder

1964 Fender and door
  • From: Jim VanDerSlice
  • Posted: 15 April 2017 (Expires: 14 June 2017)
  • in desperate need of a drivers side fender and door. it is the two door marauder, do not think it will matter for the fender, but it will for the door) Need to be straight and rust free.

2004 Marauder Rear Spoiler
  • From: Dale Rhinehart
  • Posted: 4 May 2017 (Expires: 3 July 2017)
  • Greetings from Ohio, I have a 2004 Marauder Birch Silver with 32K. I am looking for a rear spoiler for the trunk and mounting hardware. Also can anyone advise the 'Part Number' if possible so I can maybe locate an NOS if one exist. Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks Dale