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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What does joining give me?
A1: The following outlines the differences between simply being a guest and a member

  • Forum (Chat and Discussion Items). Guests can view all of the forum threads, but only members can respond or post their own comments. Members can also see who posted the threads and respond directly to their email.
  • Live Chat. Only members can use the live chat area.
  • Classifieds. Guests can view all of the classified items, but only members can post them.
  • Other Resources. Only members can view other resource items such as production numbers, data, history (including brochures), appraisals, events and so on.
  • Marauder Registry. Any member can add their car(s) to the registry. Both members and guests can view these cars.
  • Links. Links to other web sites, especially those with specific Marauder interest are available to both members and guests.

Q2: Is there a cost to join?
A2: No. None of the priveleges of membership cost anything.

Q3: What about privacy issues?
A3: I don't sell or give away any data you put on this site, including your personal info such as names, addresses, telephon numbers and/or email addresses. However, I can not guarantee that someone else or some software won't be able to extract some or all of the information in the database. The internet is too vast and varied for me to claim to be 100% secure.

Q4: I joined, but I can't login?
A4: In order for MMC to know it is you, your browser's security setting needs to allow 'cookies' to be accepted. Cookies are simply very small identification files that are stored on your computer so websites like MMC can keep checking to see that it is you as you surf through the site and access member's services. Any website that uses passwords and logins uses cookies. Also, if you access MMC behind a firewall, your firewall security might also prevent cookies from being used.

Q5: I joined, but I never got an email with my temporary password?
A5: After you join, an email is sent to you with your temporary password. If you don't receive this email with the subject "Mercury Marauder Club International (MMC) - Your Temporary Password", then something went wrong during your registration. The most common error is typing in the wrong email when you registered. The second most common problem is that some service providers do not allow email from other service providers. This happens nowadays because of junk email problems. If a service provider or a domain host gets labled or known as a host for junk email, then other websites that use their service can be 'guilty by association' and their emails are rejected. This does happen sometimes. For example, AOL is particularly picky and sometimes you won't get your email from MMC. If this happens and you are quite sure you typed in the correct email, email me directly and I will manually send you your temporary email. But, it may take a week or so for this.

Q6: What if I don't change the temporary password given to me?
A6: If you dont' change the temporary password, eventually your membership will expire and you would need to rejoin. This temporary password technique helps prevent spyware and certain types of nuissance software from randomly joining.

Q7: I joined and haven't visited for quite a few months. Now I can't login. What happened?
A7: If you don't visit as a member for 6 months, your membership gets erased. This is needed to keep the membership from getting artificially large and bogging down the website. If this happens to you, simply rejoin.

Q8: How can I get my car's picture on the website, or I can't see my car's picture?
A8: There are two ways to get your car's picture on the website. For both, you need to register your car on MMC (which requires membership first).

The first method is to enter a link to a picture on another website, for example one that you have yourself through your own internet service provider (ISP). Most ISPs have the option of having your own personal webpage. If you had one called, then you could have a picture called 'mymarauder.jpg' on it. The, you could enter a link called into your car's registry. The benefit is that you can change the picture whenever you want. But, you need to make sure it is entered correctly or no one will be able to see it. You can test your registry page by viewing it yourself once you are done. If it is incorrect, you can simply edit it after the fact by clicking on the VIN link on the left side of the menu. Be sure you don't link to a picture on your computer, because although you may see it, no one else will. Also, if you subscribe to a service that requires membership to view your pictures (such as AOL and Hotmail) for example, you picture may still not be viewable by others.

The second method is to email me a picture. But, I can only put in one picture and it MUST be a jpg file. Please don't send one bigger that 460 pixels wide or 460 pixels deep. Anything bigger is too big and it won't fit properly. You'll need to resize the picture first.