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  Clark Jule
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1964 - 2004 Marauders
1970 Marauder X100 (0Z61Y566095)

1970 Marauder X100 (0Z61Y566095)
Jim Ready

1970 Marauder X100 (0Z61Y566095)

Body Style 2 Door Hardtop (Tunnel Roof)
Latest Mileage 109820 Miles
Owner Number 3
Marauder is from Hamilton, Ontario
Built in St. Louis on 1/70
Mercury number 66095


Engine - 390 2V


This car is Dark Ivy Metallic with Gold factory pinstriping and a replacement Black vinyl roof (originally WHITE according to Ford of Canada) and is otherwise completely original. It has some minor bumps and bruises and has an almost full length aftermarket vinyl trim spear to prevent door dings down both sides. These will eventually be removed. Until this past winter, this car was always stored indoors in a garage under a car cover. Because the 2nd owner needed to, this past winter he stored it outside under a tarpaulin. This has caused paint to bubble in some areas. The inner rear fender wells in front of the wheels are rusted but not too badly. The front and rear bottom corners of both doors are also in need of attention because of plugged drain holes. The vinyl roof has separated slightly at both the front and rear trim seams causing bubbles to form beneath the vinyl in 2 spots and some rust appears in the lower corners (both sides) of the tunnelback rear window. The aluminum trim around the rear window that runs down both sides to the rear bumper has lost some black paint and is slightly flattened at the bottom ends where at some time something was backed into or something struck the car. The rear bumper chrome is starting to separate slightly at the bottom edge also. I intend to restore this car completely with new paint, chrome, etc. The underside has now been oiled to preserve the frame and undercarriage which is in excellent condition.


This car has White vinyl bucket seats, inner door panels and headliner with Black carpetting and lower door kick panels. Other than a torn seam on the driver's seat and a very worn driver's armrest, the interior is flawless. The left hand air vent pull handle only is missing but the dash is virtually new with very little wear showing. There is also minimal wear on the steering wheel rim.


  • AM
  • Left and Right Vent Door
  • Rear Defog
    • Buckets
    • Remote Side Mirror
    This car is a X100 model with a 390 2V. It was originally owned by an older woman who moved to Victoria British Columbia and eventually traded it in at a local dealer. She special ordered it with the 390 only, to get the interior with the bucket seats, available only in the X100. The 2nd owner had previously owned another Marauder, sold it and then purchased this car when it became available many years ago in the late '70s. I purchased it from photos only and drove it home from B.C. this past May. Other than needing to replace a small amount of leaking motor oil and transmission fluid while on the way, because of dried out gaskets and seals, the car performed excellently. Covered almost 3000 miles and averaged almost 18 mpg at 55-60 mph. Very happy to have this car perform so well on the way home.


    This car is a X100 with virtually very few options. It has power steering, power front disc brakes and a console mounted shifter for the automatic transmission. It has a driver side only remote mirror and no passenger side mirror at all. The radio ia an original Mercury AM radio only and the 4 windows are wind-up type. It has the original factory tinted windshield with the Ford part no. inscribed on it. The headlight and panel switches are rocker types and it also has the original cigarette lighter which works.
    • 0 - 1970 Model Year
    • Z - Manufactured at St. Louis {Hazelwood) Missouri
    • 61 - Mercury Marauder, 2-Door Hardtop X-10
    • Y - 390 C.I.D. (2V, Regular) 8-Cylinder Engine
    • 566095 - Consecutive Unit Number


    I received the original registered owners manual and sales brochure with the purchase of this car, along with numerous receipts for parts and labour for repairs and work on it. The manual and brochure both have the first owner's name on them. The dealer was GEMINI MERCURY SALES in Hamilton, Ontario and was placed in service 1/24/70 after being built (according to Ford of Canada Customer Relationship Center) in St. Louis, MO on 1/15/70. I have recently e-mailed the CRC to confirm the vinyl top was White originally and how many X100 models were produced with the 390 2V only. I've replaced the spark plugs, distributor cap, points and rotor, wires, voltage regulator, alternator, fuel filter and the 2nd owner had replaced the timing chain and gears, water pump and belts and raditor hoses before I drove back. I'm very happy the way the car runs right now. Next spring, everything else will be started to bring this car up to the best it could be.


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