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1964 - 2004 Marauders
1964 Park Lane Marauder (4Z68Z544161)

1964 Park Lane Marauder (4Z68Z544161)
Mike DeLaney

1964 Park Lane Marauder (4Z68Z544161)

Latest Mileage 61296 Miles
Owner Number 3
Marauder is from Oklahoma to New Mexico


Engine -


Polar White with 4 doors (I prefer 4-doors to 2-door cars anyday), the hardtop, and the classic slope of the Marauder fastback styling. The massive size detailed masterfully with chrome accents. Only some slight scarring to the passenger underside where trailer towing had once marred the plate there blemished the exterior. A few incidents have happened since then, including my nephew's friend denting my grilled slightly, but that already has a replacement set for installation and the remainder of the external cosmetic issues will be fixed this year before I repaint.


The car is equipped with bench seats covered by the factory vinyl in Palomino. The interior is pristine, with only minor fading on the brown dash. The dropdown deluxe A/C vents added to a refined sense of style and elegance not found in any modern auto. The XXVth Anniversary cap on the steering wheel does drive home the fact that this is no ordinary car. Added to the nearly pristine interior is the original vinyl floormat, perfect headliner, and carpet fresh from the showroom. I do need a new trunk carpet and mat, however.


  • AM
  • Rear Speakers
  • Factory Air Conditioning
  • Interval Windshield Wiper
  • Bench
  • Power Driver Seat
  • Remote Side Mirror
My brother was given a 1964 Ford Galaxie when he graduated High School by my parents. It was white with black accents and captured my imagination. Like a moron he sold it after only a year or two and has never emotionally recovered from that mistake! As nice as that car was, it's nothing compared to my Park Lane Marauder... I was looking for a car right after I had gotten out of college. I was test driving models that were a few years old at local dealerships along with some classic Cadillacs. Then, as fate would have it, my brother was driving to my house and two doors down he spotted it, the beauty herself. He quickly entered the house in nearly a panic and asked if I'd found a car yet. Upon learning that I had not, he asked if I had seen the auto just down the street in the garage there with the 'for sale' sign in the back window. I had just moved in about a month earlier and had not. I knew nothing of these cars, but he knew I had always loved the grandeur and beauty of his Galaxie, so we made haste to my neighbor's home. Awaiting me there was a sight to which I find it difficult to attach enough descriptive emotional weight. Like my brother's old Galaxie it too was white. After a brief chat with the owner he asked if we wanted to have a drive in it. I didn't have to be asked again. It was just turning into night, the magic hour when the world attains a wonderous glow. That glow pales in comparison to the striking aesthetic of the dash as it came to life with the striking blue-tone of the instruments. When I reached for the safety belts and found them I instantly thought of airline seatbelts, but these were what someone from a bygone era might have conjured as a distant dream or idealization of flying across the country in style and luxury... 2 miles in, I was hooked. Within 3 days the car was mine and has been a cherished piece ever since. Subsequently, I have moved several times and was unable to bring the car with me. However, I am lucky enough that my family has property where it could be safely and properly stored while I was away. Now, nearly 8 years later I return to her.


I did have to replace the power steering pump and master cylinder, but that wasn't too bad. In my latest adventures with the car I've replaced a number of things. The first thing I did this year was remove the engine and reseal everything other than the rear main seal. I changed the carb to a modern Edelbrock and switched to a large element K&N air filtration system. I haven't decided whether to switch to an electronic ignition yet, but that may happen. I have a new gas tank to install (mine has a small leak along a seam), new front suspension to do, and beyond that not much else before she gets back on the road.


The car was originally purchased by Wallace D. McMillin, a Colonel in the United States Air Force. He and his wife purchased the Park Lane new in 1964 in Oklahoma. In 1995 Mrs. McMillin moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico to be with her son due to her advancing age. Her son Wallace decided ultimately to part with his parent's car and sold it to my neighbor. He was married with 2 children and when it was time to get a mini-van, the Park Lane had to go. The second owner only had the car for 2 years before I acquired it. In the next few months I intend to do some work on the engine, including fixing a vacuum leak, an exhaust leak, replacing the gas tank, perhaps replacing the original 4-barrel carb with something more efficient, and some other minor enhancements like updating the radio and the like... In the end I know this was the right car to buy and I intend to cherish every moment I have with it.
  • Wishlist of Items (if you have any of these and want to sell, trade, or give them away to relieve clutter, email me!)
  • Original AM/FM Radio
  • Tissue Dispenser
  • Additional Rear Speaker Grille (I plan to have 2, turned 90 with modern speakers)
  • Lite Lighter (actually has a light on the knob)
  • Hood and Trunk Lights
  • Passenger side matching Mirror
  • Day/Night Rearview Mirror


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